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Thread: Large files crash Micropress intermittently

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    Default Large files crash Micropress intermittently

    1) MicroPress Ver connected to Ricoh ProC651ex
    2) Windows Paging file set at 12108 MB
    3) 2.43 GB file with 1048 pages

    The issue is that the program intermittently crashes with the following Windows error: "PrintStation Manager has stopped working\ A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. ->CLOSE PROGRAM -> DEBUG PROGRAM"

    No matter what, you cannot debug, it just crashes. The 2.43 GB file either runs in it's entirety with no errors, or, if reprinted, will error in the middle somewhere. It is intermittent, which leads me to believe a memory issue. What should the 'Configure Rip' memory settings be set at? And should the MicroSpool be set at Postscript (parse) or Binary (no parse)?

    - Brad

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    I have new information, and the problem is solved. Do the following in PrintManager:

    1) Right click the engine (if not right click, then double-click). A window full of tabbed items opens.
    2) Select the "DEVICE" tab.
    3) You will see a column called "SETTINGS" on the left side, and a series of flags on the right side.
    4) Scroll down to the "MULTIPLE JOB ACCELERATOR" setting. If it is set to "FALSE," then click on the flag and set it to "TRUE." (If it is already set to "TRUE," then you have a different problem.)
    5) Restart the MicroPress applications.

    What you should see: an EXTREME improvement in spooling speed; the job will spool lightening fast on the MicroPress app. You will see a AAAA/BBBB count at the device menu panel, with AAAA=pages printed, and BBBB=pages spooled. BBBB should have the full count once the MicroPress page spool disappears. ENJOY!
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