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Thread: [FAQ] I already use Fiery Dashboard at www.fierydashboard.com. So what's this about?

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    Post [FAQ] I already use Fiery Dashboard at www.fierydashboard.com. So what's this about?

    When we launch the new version of Fiery Dashboard we will have two services called Fiery Dashboard. The new version can be found at http://fierydashboard.efi.com, the previous version can be accessed at http://www.fierydashboard.com.

    The new generation of Fiery Dashboard is a completely new cloud service. We re-wrote the application from scratch and developed a supporting infrastructure that allows us to scale more easily and offer new features faster.

    The previous version of Fiery Dashboard will remain accessible until further notice. If you have subscribed to this version and you would like to keep using it we will not force you to switch over. Customers with a premium subscription will be able to keep using the premium features. We do however will not accept any new subscriptions at http://www.fierydashboard.com

    We strongly encourage current users with a free subscription for Fiery Dashboard to sign up for the new version with an EFI Passport account because we have removed some of the limitations that come with the free subscription. With the new Fiery Dashboard (http://fierydashboard.efi.com) there is no limit to the number of devices you can add to your account and we do not limit access to historical data. Unlike the previous version of Fiery Dashboard, the new version has support for collecting data on MS Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

    There is no premium tier for this new generation of Fiery Dashboard. Usage and access to data will be free of charge.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at hans.sep at efi.com
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