Hi All,
We have 2 8120's set up and shared on a Micropress Windows 7 Plus. We are in an environment where we were forced to place the MP on the domain and have some user policies that may be inhibiting our access. The MP and 8120's are plugged into the domain.
I can load an XP driver on a 32bit device and browse back to the 64bit server (After authenticating to it with the Micropress's admin log on) but the "add driver" box is grayed out and we cannot reverse load the driver on the 64bit server. We cannot locally load the driver at all on a WIndows 7 client-the user has admin rights on his box but able to browse to the MP. When I browse to the share printer I can see it, check the x86 box, browse to the driver on the local desktop but get an error that "access is denied" when we load the driver. We are also locked out of getting an appropriate file choice when dropping the drivers on the client desktop. It wants an MPrint but will accept none available. Am I doing something wrong or is the schools security playing permission games with us?