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Thread: [FAQ] How do I get started with Fiery Dashboard?

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    Default [FAQ] How do I get started with Fiery Dashboard?

    Fiery® Dashboard is a cloud-based service that monitors and tracks print production statistics from one or more Fiery Driven™ devices and visually represents the data through multiple widgets. Users get instant snapshot of operational efficiency and engine utilization.

    For Fiery Dashboard you will need
    - the latest version of Fiery Command Workstation which can be found at
    - an EFI Passport account. More information about EFI Passport visit

    Fiery Dashboard itself has three main components:
    1. Fiery Data Collector (FDC)
      This is a service installed by Command Workstation, which collects job log data from connected Fiery controllers, and uploads it to the cloud server.
    2. FDB Cloud Server
      This is a server in the cloud that keeps all the data uploaded by the Fiery Data Collector from all sites.
    3. Fiery Dashboard Webpage
      This is the dashboard webpage. It is fed by data in the Dashboard Cloud Server and shows only the data linked to the user login.
    You will need to authorize Command Workstation to start the collection and upload of job log data to the Fiery Dashboard cloud.

    How can I authorize CWS for use with my Fiery Dashboard?

    If you have not already created a Fiery dashboard account, click the link to ‘Learn more about Fiery Dashboard’. Once you have created an account, then enter the Username and Password into the CWS Edit menu> Authorize This Computer dialog.

    CWS then passes this information to FDC, which communicates with EFI Passport to verify credentials.

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    What happens on the client if FDC is de-authorized?

    FDC stops uploading data immediately. The FDC service still runs in an idle state
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