What is the Fiery Dashboard Collector?

The Fiery Data Collector (FDC) is a service (or daemon on Mac) that is installed with CWS 5.6. Windows services are controlled via task manager, Mac is via activity monitor. FDC is used to upload job log data to the Fiery Dashboard (FDB) once the user has authorized the computer. FDC runs in the background even while CWS is not running.

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How does FDC upload data?

FDC uploads via HTTPS (port 443) to https://api-fierydashboard.efi.com

Which Fiery's does FDC collect data from?

FDC collects job log data from all Fiery controllers connected to CWS at the time of authorization, and any connected in the future (while the app is authorized). CWS must be successfully logged into the Fiery controller once for FDC to establish a connection. Even if you remove a Fiery controller from CWS later, it will still be reported in the dashboard.

How do I troubleshoot FDC?

Restart FDC, Restart client machine. Check that URLs can be pinged.

What's the resource usage by FDC?

Client CPU: In ideal scenario usage should be on the range of 0-10% and most of the time it will be 0%. In case data needs to be posted to FDB there might be increase in CPU usage but it should come back to 0% range once data is posted.

What about Proxies?

FDC detects if the OS has a proxy server configured, and then uses it. If a proxy is present it will create the ‘data1.dat’ file in C:\ProgramData\FDC\FDCSettings
If switching between using proxy, and no proxy, be sure to restart the FDC service, and delete this dat file.

Please note: if the Proxy server requires a user name and password then FDC will not be able to upload data.