I'm new to the fiery system, so this may be an easy one, but I couldn't find it in the many threads listed in this forum.

I am currently running the command workstation fiery system on konica minolta c-7000 color printer. I have been having issues with only having the 130 fonts (I know it seems like a lot, but it's really not). I am constantly running into issues where the fonts are changing, or not running because the fiery does not recognize the font in the pdf. It does work fine if I go through the print driver, but the volume of printing that I do makes this very difficult to determine whether the document (on average each document is over 500 to 1000 pages with tabs and inserts, and 50-100 copies of each document) should be dropped into CWS or run through a print driver.

Now that I've explained the background, here's the issue. I'm trying to upload new fonts into the Fiery that are common on Microsoft Word to help reduce the number of times we have to go through the print driver (print driver does not have all necessary/needed functions of CWS) "Tahoma" font is an example (which is funny because it's available in this post, but not in the system!). Is there any site, any update, any anything that will allow me to download the psfont so that I can easily install it on the fiery CWS station? I've read manual after manual and post after post on how to install the font, but it never tells me how to "create" the psfont. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,