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Thread: Fiery Central 2.5 is available

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    Default Fiery Central 2.5 is available

    The Fiery Central update has been released and is available for download and installation via System Update. This release, which updates Fiery Central from 2.4.x has the following new features and fixes:
    • Fiery Central Banner Page: Banner pages in Fiery Central can now be populated with job specific information such as finishing options, number of copies, and customer information with each job through JDF job tickets. The banner page separates each job from the next one in the workflow to provide greater production efficiency. Fiery Central Banner Pages are currently supported on Fiery Driven devices, bizhub PRO 951/1051/1200 and Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS 1052/1250.
    • Fiery Central Scaling Pages: Fiery Central now offers better control of scaling pages for non-Fiery driven B&W printers. It allows operators to make adjustments when the input PDF page size is different from the output page size defined for the job.
    • Latest Supported Printers: Fiery IC-308 and IC-415 for Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C1070/C1070P/C1060 and Fiery EB-32 for Ricoh Pro 8100S/8100EX/8110S/8120S are now supported. A complete list of supported engines can be found at http://w3.efi.com/Fiery/Products/Wor...orted-Printers


    For those users who are not able to use System Update, the update can be found on the Fiery Digital Solutions Support site at http://w3.efi.com/fiery/fiery support/

    Click the Download button to enter the site.
    Complete registration information and then click the Submit button to enter the site.
    When you have entered the site, select the Application Software and Tools tab.
    Next, in Select Software, select Fiery Central and in Select Version, select Fiery Central 2.5 and click Find.
    Download ‘EFIFieryCentral2.5.0.12Update.zip’.
    Copy this file to the Fiery Central server and unzip it to extract the ‘EFIFieryCentral2.5.0.12Update.exe’ file.
    Double click the .exe file to start the installation process.
    After the process is complete be sure to reboot the Fiery Central server and then refresh the Printer Groups (see the Release Notes for more details).
    The download site also includes the ‘Release_Notes_2.5.pdf’.
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