From time to time, I'm facing problems when using Impose to set up a simple "step and repeat"/gang-up job: Even if the preview within Impose looks fine, sometimes, objects and/or text elements get distorted (missing / misplaced).

Here is a sample:
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It's an excerpt of an A3 sheet, containing two identical A4 images. I've marked the problematic parts: The dark line should be completely around the green line ... but it isn't. It also looks quite strange that the defect is different between both images, although it's the same source page.

The job was saved as a flattened PDF (in order to save ripping time) out of the Impose Plugin. If I save it as a DBP file, everything's fine but the document takes a lot longer to rip.

So I guess that's a bug in the flattening engine, isn't it?

I'm using CWS and Impose