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Thread: Invalid Paper Catalog

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    Default Invalid Paper Catalog


    I am having an issue with my paper catalog settings saving.

    When I go to print a job in InDesign, I am going into the properties of the printer and select an already set up preset that contains a paper catalog setting. I am printing to a C901 E-41. When I open the job in Command Workstation, I am getting an error "Invalid Paper Catalog Item! Set to none defined."

    Why is this happening? I am not sure what to change to fix this?

    Thank you!

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    Default Invalid Paper Catalog- maybe no associations?

    I was getting a similar error and found that the trays on the printer were not associated with the paper types. When using a Fiery server connected to the copier the association has to be established in the server. This is done using the Command Fiery Workstation. It is not a physical workstation but a program you download along with others at about 700 meg download. It is essentially a program that logs in to the Fiery server and allows you to adjust it's settings from the windows computer you happen to be sitting at. Once you are in that program and attached to the server using it's IP address you will see a list of paper trays on the left. Make sure part of the name is highlighted in blue. The blue highlighting indicates the tray is successfully associated with a paper catalog item. If there is no blue play with the program until you figure out how to make the association by clicking on the tray in the right place and then the paper type you want to associate it with. It is usually only one option determined by what is in the paper tray at the time.
    Good Luck,

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    Default changed values in paper catalog

    I get this when i change the values of the paper associated with the paper catalog. This often happens when i change the weight. my printer goes by levels, 90-120, 121-150, etc. When i change to a new level it now no longer recognizes it and flags that error. Size, weight, color, paper type, coating, etc. all change the value in the paper catalog, and can cause this error.

    Easiest solution is the re-associate the Paper catalog with CWS. If your using presets, resave the preset with the new paper catalog values. Try that and see.


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    In the Print Driver, under Media, select the Paper Catalog entry that you want it to be, then resave the Preset.

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