Been using the micropress for a number of years. Have not had this issue until one of the updates was put on (I believe it was 8.2). I've had my service tech in, and he was unable to resolve the issue.

When I recieve a customers file, setup to run as a tab job (margins are all set properly)
and enter true edit. I try running tab builder, or convert to tab, and both yield the same result. The builder/convert doesn't recognize most of the page as having text on it. It will vary as to what it sees. For example: bank of 5, 8.5x11, single page with writing down the right side. starting 1/2 inch from the top of the page, and words placed every 2 inchs. I duplicate the page 4 more times and run tab builder. The result, all 5 pages become the 5th tab. The settings have changed from auto, to locked.

Not too much of a hassle when it's only 5. as I can just insert blank tabs, and copy/paste the image on those pages. But having a larger tab job makes it time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated,