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Thread: Custom Color Settings

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    Default Custom Color Settings

    I am very new to Fiery Command Station 5 and need help! The person who set everything up in the Fiery retired and soon after all of our custom settings were wiped out by Xerox Repairman. One group of Custom settings I really miss was listed under Properties, Colorwise, Expert, Output. He had set up a setting for each, 10% less Magenta, 10% less Cyan, 10% less Yellow. These were very helpful in adjusting color on the type of work that we do. I have been reading Help, watching Webinars, searching the net, etc... trying to learn how to get these settings back! Is there an easy way to do it?

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    Default Requesting output with less CMY?

    There are many tools your installer may have used. From the description you provide, the most likely seems to be Color Editor, to create a new profile producing 10% less Magenta, 10% less Cyan, 10% less Yellow.

    1. Identify the output profile used by your jobs.
    2. CWS5 > Device Center > Resource > Profiles; click on the profile identified at step 1; on the right side, select the edit menu “Color Editor”.
    3. Add a point to each of the C, M and Y curves. From your description, I guess: 50% in –> 40% out.
    4. Save this output profile, possibly with the same name as original, plus “_minus 10 CMY”.
    5. CWS5 > Job Center; locate you test job; change its printing properties to use your new output profile; close Job Properties; remove raster; reprocess and print.

    If you are not sure if your edits are working you may want to make dramatic ones: like putting a single point for each color at 100% in (X axis) / 20% out (Y axis).

    There are few reasons where the edit I have described is a good idea… Among the good reasons are when you are looking for subjective effects.

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    Default Saved Setting?

    Thanks Paul, this did work, but was not saved in the location I was shooting for! Is there a way to save it so that while working on a job, I can open the Properties, go to Colorwise, Expert Settings, Output and have it listed there as an option? Thanks for your help!!!

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