At a customer who prints large jobs in the evening there is sometimes a problem that when the machine is out of paper for a long time or a paper jam occurs, after resolving the problem the next morning, the next set is not printed completely, so only when there is a longer period when the problem is solved. When you solve the problem within a short period this problem does not occur.
There is a connection with the Fiery E41, so you can see the correct status in the PSM, for example set 3 of 5 and page 35 of 120. What happens next is that with the next set only pages 35 - 120 are printed, the first 34 not.
To solve the problem you have to cancel the job, look how many sets are printed and set the number again and reprint the job, then the complete sets are printed again.

Job accelerator is set not true and the correct patch is installed on the Fiery.

Does anyone had the same problem and how can this be solved, thanks.