Hi all,

I have encountered an issue on a Xerox J75 when using scan to FTP via the Fiery with a custom port.

In the scan template i enter the path as FTP:// i enter a valid username and password and click test. The test comes back positive and the FTP server log shows a successful connection was made.

If i then try a scan from the printer it shows as completed on the Xerox UI but never makes it to the folder. The FTP log on the Fiery shows that it tried 3 times and status shows HOST NOT FOUND. My FTP server shows no record of a connection being made.

If i leave the FTP port as standard and enter the path in the template as FTP:// with same username and password, again it passes the check. BUT when i then scan from the printer it comes through successfully. The FTP server log shows a successful connection and all is good.

BUT of course i need it to work on port 2127 not port 21. This seems like a software bug on the Fiery. I have updated to SP4 but still getting the issue. I have turned off port security on the Fiery and disabled the windows Firewall on the EX print server.

Any other ideas out there?