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Thread: MacOS forced B&W printing

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    Default MacOS forced B&W printing

    Hello all.

    We have a xerox 700i with external fiery RIP. Users print to the Hold queue on the fiery and come to the fiery station to release prints. We want to give users a way to print grayscale without having to change options in the print dialogs or at the RIP.

    To do this, we modified the PPD in "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Xerox 700 Color EX Server" changing the CMYK option to grayscale and created a new queue pointing to the modified PPD. This works and it only prints grayscale documents. HOWEVER, it causes an issue when sending documents to the color queue (with unmodified PPD). It appears that after printing to the grayscale queue, and then switching back to the color queue, the print is set to print grayscale unless a user changes it. It can be changed back, but this defeats the purpose of having separate queues.

    It makes no difference whether I have the queues pointing to different "printers". Typically we print direct. I've set one queue to be a printserver queue and the other to print direct and still get the same issue.

    My thought is that this is because the color options are controlled through the PDE which both queues use. Somehow it saves "last state" info. However, that is purely a guess. OS is 10.6.8.

    Is there a different/better way to have 2 queues for the same printer - 1 for color and 1 for grayscale? at this point I just need to figure out how to keep the color queue from defaulting to grayscale after printing grayscale.

    PPD changes I made: from ---> to
    *ColorDevice: True ---> False       (line 7118)
    *DefaultColorSpace: CMYK ---> Gray    (line 7119)
    *DefaultEFColorMode: CMYK ---> Grayscale     (line 8721)
    Printer add command:
    HTML Code:
    lpadmin -p Pro-Fiery-TEST-BW -v "lpd:// TEST" -P "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Xerox 700 Color EX Server grayscale" -E -o printer-is-shared=false -o EFXerox_Advanced_Pro_Finisher=Profeesional_NA

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    You're overthinking it.

    Your Fiery supports virtual printers. Check it out, and use those as required.

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    adam1991 is correct, Virtual Printers is the way to go here.

    To setup - go to Command Workstation, Device Center, Workflows, Virtual Printers.

    Create a new one, call it whatever you like (BWHold) and set the Job action to Hold queue. Under Job Properties, click define, and select Grayscale in the Color tab. Lock this item.

    Now from any mac on the network, you can print to this printer and all jobs will be sent as grayscale.

    To print to this printer, ensure the Virtual printer name used above, e.g. BWHold is entered as the LPR queue name. It's case sensitive too. Example attached. You can use the regular 700i print driver, however note the grayscale option in Color tab won't show as set to grayscale, but it will still work. The server enforces the locked items when the job is received.

    Hope this helps.
    Ps, Ignore the last screenshot, I'm having trouble deleting it.
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    Thanks for that info Greta.

    I went ahead and created a virtual printer queue, and am not getting it to work.

    we usually send jobs via socket://printername
    The default queue in the config utility is the "Hold Queue"
    When I send a color job to socket://printername/BWHold or lpd://printername/BWHold, it comes through and prints as color.


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    Default Alternative method using CUPS

    You could achieve what you need by creating 2 print queues on the Mac and setting the properties of one of them to greyscale using CUPS.

    Start with an unmodified EX700 driver and PPD.
    Create a queue that points to hold named 700i_Colour
    Then create a queue that points to hold called 700i_Mono

    Default print options can be set using CUPS web UI, open up the Macs’ web browser and go to localhost:631

    If you are not familiar with using CUPS you can set the default for the mono queue using a terminal command. The PPD property is EFColorMode, the command syntax is:

    lpadmin -p {printer name} -o {ppd settings}

    So in this example use:

    sudo lpadmin -p _700i_Mono -o EFColorMode=Grayscale

    You need to use sudo at the start of the statement so it runs the command as a user with the correct rights.

    If you decide to name the printer something else you’ll need to change the _700i_Mono name - you can find the name CUPS is using for the printer by running lpstat -p in terminal.

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