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Thread: Driving Konica Minolta 1250s to maximum effeciency ....

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    Default Driving Konica Minolta 1250s to maximum effeciency ....

    I am considering a workflow with 4 KM 1250s and 1 KM C1070. My customer runs variable data with subset finishing. My concern is driving the 1250s at rated speed. What we ran into in the past on his KM 950 was the engines inability to run at speed with subsets. What we ran into is the 950 will "spool up" print the job then "spool down" effectively making the 950 very unproductive with an extended lag between sets. Can anyone speak to their experience driving 1250s with Central?

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    Fiery Central does not drive the 1250 as a RIP.
    It is more of a document management type software.

    once the settings are in place it is still up to the 1250 to RIP the job.

    Go to your Settings on the 1250 and turn OFF job spooling.

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    The turn off spooling will help but is not the answer, this has been noticable since Fiery central was released.
    patches have been released that speed the bottleneck up, i have got max 45 ppm on a 951 doing 3 sheet staple sets.
    the copiers memory never goes doen beyond 92% when printing , whereas printing word docs direct using km windows driver it goes to about 8%

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