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Thread: Trouble connecting to MX-7500

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    Thanks for help

    Quote Originally Posted by Warren-SharpAus View Post
    You are aware that there is a specific order in which to apply the updates? Installing updates in the wrong order can cause incorrect bootup and/or messages.

    You've done the basics such as confirm working NICs on both engine & fiery, correct network cabling in use, current firmware & all patches, run Fiery configure, actually reseat the interface board & cabling to Fiery controller from engine, confirm correct DC power to interface board, booting up machine in correct order etc etc....

    You have no comms between engine & Fiery. After checking the above, could definitely be the interface board PX10 as mentioned earlier.

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    Default Sharp 7500 production print

    We are a print for pay production site in Plymouth uk.
    We purchased a Sharp 7500 10 months ago and have just sent it back.

    Is there anybody else on this forum who is having problems with the unit and not just the Fiery

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    Hi Simon,

    Can you please be more specific regarding the problems you experienced?

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