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Thread: Adobe Indesign CS7 typecheck error on Q2 and A2100

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    Default Adobe Indesign CS7 typecheck error on Q2 and A2100

    I have a customer that has 3 imagePress machines:
    IPC7000VP with A2100
    IPC1 with Q2
    IPC7011VP with A2300
    First 2 rips are getting a PS error when printing from CS7 as native .indd file and were printing fine with CS6.
    The new A2300 Rip does not have this problem
    Customer is using OS 10.6.8 on both of their workstations and both have CS7 and both have same problems with PS error.

    Any input would be appreciated
    the only difference I see is that A2100 and Q2 run on embedded XP SP2 and A2300 runs on Win7 pro Sp1
    If the indd file is converted to pdf it prints fine on all rips.

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    The A2300 is a newer RIP and as such, it has a much newer PostScript interpreter. This means it is likely better at handling the PS generated when printing from the newer Adobe CS7 Apps. So it makes sense that it might be able to print some PS jobs that the older system error-out on.

    The OS running on the Fiery controller has nothing to do with this error.

    There are a couple things to do in an instance like this - First (as you've already done), convert the jobs to PDF and import the PDF or - Flatten the the indesign job, Or - Try to isolate the offending item in the source file.

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