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Thread: 1200 dpi Resolution giving strange colour on text

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    Default 1200 dpi Resolution giving strange colour on text

    We have a Canon C5235i with a B2 Fiery RIP. Withe the Resolution settings set to the higher 1200dpi, most text sent on a CMYK job comes out a different colour to any graphics based on the same colour, and also have a strange "snow" effect. If we drop the resolution back down to 600dpi, the print looks perfect.

    Any ideas?

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    It's sounds like an interaction with the text screen used at 1200dpi by the engine.

    When printing at 1200dpi, that engine uses a fixed screen for text regardless of the settings under "Printer's Halftone" under the "Image" tab in the driver- Whereas at 600dpi, you could set the "Printer's Halftone" setting under "Image" to a setting such "Resolution" or "Gradation" (or Printer's Default) and have all objects (image, graphics, text) use the same screen at the engine.

    For workarounds - You can either flatten the entire job prior to print (if your graphics app has this ability - such as in InDesign) - or - Just print at 600dpi for this kind of job.

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