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Thread: Unable to automatically close this job

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    Default Unable to automatically close this job

    can someone tell me what the cause of this error is? The end user states the job prints out fine, but shows an error in the queue and they are unable to delete the job.
    Please see attached image from CWS
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    Hi there,

    Possible reason for auto close error in CWS is as follows:
    • If there are any network issue between upstream application and Fiery.
    • If Return JMF posted by upstream application link is not alive.


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    Default Same error

    I am also experiencing the same issue. I have the JDF connection configured for Process and Mime. Job is received and process and held on the Fiery E-42B. The initial log file is without any issues after processing the job. Once the job is released for printing there is an error in the job lob with the JMF error as mentioned above and the job can not be automatically closed.

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