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Thread: Recommendations using PrintShop Mail with Fiery Central

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    Default Recommendations using PrintShop Mail with Fiery Central

    A little outside of the scope, but Objectif Lune probably won't know.

    Client has PSM (7.x), Fiery Central (2.3.x) to Konica Minolta 1250's.

    PSM doesn't seem to recognize custom paper sizes in the FC Paper Catalog.

    Do you have suggestions on how to use PSM with FC and utilize custom page sizes?

    Do you have a recommended print technology to use when printing from PSM through FC to a KM engine? (Optimized PS, Adobe PDF, PPML, etc...)

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    I would stick with PDF, because FC is PDF-based.

    If you have a PDF of a custom paper size, FC 2.3.x will easily be able to use that and send it to the 1250. All the parts have to line up--PDF page size and custom paper size on the engine, as well as the paper properly defined in the FC paper catalog--but it works.

    I recommend setting up paper catalog entries on the engine that are size specific, even though the paper catalog on the engine doesn't store size as a setup item. For example, you might have a single media but use it at different sizes; set it up in the 1250 multiple times, named specifically with those sizes.

    Then in FC you'll have matching multiple paper catalog entries using those same names, with each catalog entry having its own size included in the FC paper definition.

    When you put the paper into the engine, you'll call out that paper catalog name plus you'll define the custom size. What's important with FC is the paper catalog name--it has to match. But equally important is that the size in the FC paper catalog also has to match.

    I have seen issues where PDFs are malformed such that the media and bleed and trim boxes are WAY out of line with what you see visually; use Pitstop to look at the boxes and make sure that's not happening. If it is, you'll struggle--it won't work.

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