Hello all

over the past few days I've installed 3 XC560 with the new FS100i
I've seen a few issues which I can't explain:

1. Error code 0x00000002 which after several "delete drivers, cleanup drivers, regedit" suddenly dissapeared by it self

2. devices and printes, rightclick, printing preferences causing a "load libary error" which dosent happen if I go into "controlpanel\administration\print management"

3. ability to calibrate on "plain paper" but not on heavyweight, coated. I've loaded plain in drawer 3 & 4, coated in drawer 2, and heavyweight 220gsm in drawer 1. Start calibration, choose plain paper and calibrate with success, if I choose any other than "plain" it says, media conflict. Seen this on 3 different systems lately. CWS versions 5.5.x & 5,3,x

4. printing from any application on several Workstations with "layout=booklet, fold & staple" cause an "Offending command: showpage". Document is, in my eyes good, printes fine on non-EFI dfe.
Error goes away if I choose layout=normal
Tried FS100 pre and post SP1, shipped drivers, Xerox drivers from july and efi-drivers from august.
If I import job into CWS everything Works fine.

Does ANY1 have any suggestions to listed problems?