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Thread: Mysterious white box on VDP HELP!

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    Default Mysterious white box on VDP HELP!

    I am using VDP with only addresses to a multiple page master. CWS 5.01.12 Release 8-2. Both files are Acrobat, created by me from Publisher (master) and InDesign ( addresses).
    The master prints correctly. When combined, I get a 2x2 inch white block on EACH of the pages in the trailing top corner of the sheet. I have searched the original files (and the pdfs) thoroughly for this block ( Control A to highlight any hidden boxes) and find no indication that it exists.
    I even put an intentional grey page in the address file and the white block showed as if it was on top of the master, but behind the address file.
    Any clues from anyone where this could be coming from?

    Canon 7065; Fiery server GX300 v1
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