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Thread: Colors are wrong, problem with RIP.

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    Default Colors are wrong, problem with RIP.

    Hi. I am a technician, who has a customer with 6 Canon Imagepresses, one 3200, one 2200 and 4 1200 controllers.
    The problem is with the 3200 controller, who suddenly is giving everything a shade of magenta. Have serviced this controller for 2 years without this problem. I know the problem is with the controller, because i've tried too put another controller on the machine, and the problem disapeared.
    Moved the original controller too another machine, and the problem came with it.
    Tried to reinstall the software, and it seemed like the problem went away, but it didn't.
    What can cause this problem on the Fiery

    Another problem is that the customer is comparing all of the machines, and is complaining that the colors doesnt look the same. The customer know that there will always be some difference between machines, no matter how much you calibrate, but the difference they experience today is to much.
    My question is then: How big is the difference between the 1200,2200 and the 3200 controllers?
    Is it normal to experience colordifferences`because of the controller types, even though the controllers are running similar color profiles, are calibrated on the same type of paper, and everything is set to the same values?

    Hope someone can help.

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    For the server that is printing a shade of magenta, does the server have Image Viewer enabled? Also, I recommend printing a test file that reproduces the problem but print it with ColorWise Off to bypass Fiery color management. To do this, open the file's properties and select the Color tab. After, select the Basic Settings button and set CMYK/Grayscale to ColorWise Off. Tell us if you still see the issue.

    I'm not familiar with the Canon printer's and the Fiery servers that connect to them, but it is challenging to match precise color between the servers/printers using factory profiles. If you are using default profiles with the correct media and are calibrating each server with an spectrophotomer/Xrite i1, you probably should not experience larger deltas. If you desire better color control between multiple printers, I suggest looking at color management software that can optimize color for multiple printers. EFI's Fiery Color Profile Suite latest release supports a module named Fiery Print Matcher that can assist with the scenario you are facing.

    Victor Ibarra
    Fiery Lead QA Engineer - Color & Imaging

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