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    have been trying to update Command Workstation's Extended Application Pkg with for the past couple of weeks. On one of my workstations I've consistently been getting "connection to server was lost" although not a problem on another one.
    Is there a way I can manually download and update and/or get around this message?
    (tried to download newest version of CWS from the Fiery site but keep getting message that I can't and should run the manager from my "system tray" whether or not CMS is currently running.

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    Assuming you are installing on Windows client PC...

    To get the separate, discrete installer:
    1.) Go to ;and register
    2.) Find on new page where it says "Download Center". Immediately below this you will see two tabs, "Print Drivers" and "Application Software and Tools". Click on the later.
    3.) Find in list, and highlight, "Fiery Extended Applications Archive"
    4.) Wait a moment, and in second column you should see "Fiery Extended Applications v4.1.0.15". Highlight it, and click "Find" button
    5.) When page refreshes, scroll down and Download "FEAP41_InstallationInstructions.pdf". Refer to it for installation of utils
    6.) Then download "FieryApplicationsPackage41_client.exe" This is file you would have on USB thumb drive if you wanted to load Fiery utils on a Windows client computer.
    *Note that there also is a Mac client installer available for download and that there is a "FieryApplicationsPackage41_server.exe" (this file is for installing directly on Fiery System 8r2, or newer, Print Servers)*
    7.) To install on a Windows client PC, copy "FieryApplicationsPackage41_client.exe" to desktop, then run it.
    8.) A folder titled “FieryApplicationPackage41_client” is created. Drill down through it’s subfolders and open folder “Fiery User Software Installer”. In this folder, find, and run “Setup.exe”

    If there is an older version of Fiery utils on PC, this installer will detect it, and correctly remove it (choose "Repair" option), then will install new package.

    Never use Windows Add/Remove to uninstall Fiery utils from a client.

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    Default Manual update

    your advice worked perfectly...... thank you

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