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Thread: Centre at spine prints with unwanted gutter.

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    Default Centre at spine prints with unwanted gutter.

    I am printing an booklet from Acrobat using Fiery Command Workstation 5 rip on a Xerox Color 550. Each page is A5 plus bleed and crop marks. The document size is 155 x 224 mm. I have trimmed the bleed and crop marks from the spine side of each page in Acrobat then tried and print a booklet on A3 paper. The result has a gutter even though I have specified centre at spine in the booklet maker.

    Any advice on how to remove the gutter?

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    If you have Fiery Impose, you may be able to impose the job based on the job's trim box setting. If the job doesn't have a trim box, you may be able to define the trim box in the user defined setting in Impose. This would also let you remove the bleed and trim marks from the job, instead of using Acrobat.

    If you don't have Fiery Impose, I would double check that when you do the editing in Acrobat, you make sure the crop box is defined for the content you want to print. That's the pdf box value the Fiery depends on when imposing the job through booklet maker and is the best way to solve your problem outside of Fiery Impose, I believe.


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    Hi miroma

    This has been a constant problem for us especially when rotating pages in Impose. The preview in Impose shows no gutter. The preview from the Hold queue shows no gutter, yet the file prints with a gutter.

    The only solution I have found for this is to save the job as a flattened file from Impose.
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