Printer: Konica Minolta C650
Fiery: IC-409, Fiery system 8e version 1.01, using 50_45C-KM Driver pack
Command Workstation:
Adobe acrobat pro is current

I am using a static back and saving it the fiery server as a master

I am then making a pdf of the variable files (addressing)
I then setup the printing for the variable file pdf using the master. When I tell it to print, it processes the job (quits displaying any qty over 32, ie 32 of 2000) and then the print section sits on 4 of 2000 and doesn't move either.

The job starts printing, merges, and looks appropriate but here is the problem

I am sending it as one job of 2000 sheets, but as it leaves the fiery and goes to the printer it comes over as 2000 jobs of 1 sheet. It prints correctly but is very slow because it perceives it as 2000 jobs. It take the printer 3x longer to print it this way which defeats the purpose of the process.

This is the same way I send to our c6500 but it works correctly on that machine.

Please advise