In InDesign, if there's two colored squares next to each other:
1) Is a color made in CMYK; as 48/47/44/22.
2) Is a named spot color (i.e. "Grey Paper").
Fiery Command > Spot Colors; is utilizing a color replacement with the same named "Grey Paper" CMYK breakdown of 48/47/44/22.

Color Made in CMYK (1):
Our workflow is applying first; the Input Profile, then the Calibration (Output Profile).
Named Spot Color (2):
Workflow is applying just the Calibration (Output Profile).

Even though the 2 squares are both being identified as (48/47/44/22) the visual and final CMYK values are quite different.

Is there a way to:
1) Cause the "Spot Color" to receive the same steps in the workflow (Input + Calibration)?
2) Open in Photoshop, a (Flattened / Rasterized) version of the document that has been fully processed with the profiles within the Fiery RIP, so a color picker in Photoshop could be used to determine the adjusted CMYK values (post-profiling)? I know this to be common to older rips that apply halftones & separations, etc.
3) Photoshop the same CMYK value: Edit > Convert to Profile (using the ICC profile that's used in Fiery) to duplicate the conversion? Issue I'm having is, that Conversion Options > Intent(i.e. Absolute Colorimetric, Perceptual, etc.) that is nothing is getting close to the same transforms (and it's not clearly identified which intent that Fiery uses).

A solution to any one of the 3 above questions would be of great help, and would truly be appreciated!