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Thread: Questions when installing system software IC-409

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    Default Questions when installing system software IC-409

    IC-409 installed on a KM C451

    Need to reload system software. I have experience with the IC-414 but not sure how much is the same procedure.

    I found system software ISO on the kM site: IC-409v101 post rel for windows.iso. It has a release date of 6-29-200

    I found an older post with the same model and was recommended to installed the following updates in order: 1-W5C85, 1-WA4ZQ, 1-VLROC

    I want to install with a usb thumb drive.


    1. In the install guide it mentions using a USB flash program CD in which it booted from to prepare the usb drive. I have usb prep tool 1.3.1. Can I use the usb prep tool instead?

    2. Are there any other important updates beside the ones mentioned that I need to install. It look confusing on the KM site as there are many patches and cumulative patches and I don't understand how they have it all structured on the site. I took a class on the IC-414 and there aren't many patches to get confused with.

    3. The install guide it says:

    DO NOT move the service switches to the service position. Leave the switches in
    the position for normal operation.
    Is this right? On the IC-414 I had to move one of the dip switches during system software installation. Just want to make sure.

    Note: The reason I want to reinstall system software is that whenever the network cable is plugged into the fiery it bring the entire network down which I can't understand how that could happen. No other device is using the IPs. With Ethernet cable removed there is no issue. I noticed that the copier IP and fiery IP is not consecutive IPs. Fiery ends with 153 and copier IP ends in the 170s. Also both have different gateways. The Fiery has the wrong gateway. I cannot access the fiery webpage even when connecting with a direct connection to a computer and using the IP listed in the fiery config page. I can ping the fiery with the computer directly connected but no webpage at all. At this point just ready to start over.
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    1.) Here are the USB Prep Tool version and KM Fierys they were released with:
    IC-409, IC-408 v3.11 & v3.21 Knoppix boot CD
    IC-412 (v1.0) v1.2 Windows application
    IC-412 (v1.1), IC-413 v1.3 Windows application
    IC-408 (patch 1-179BXH) v1.3.1 Windows application
    IC-414 (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2) v1.3 Windows application

    You can try v1.3.1 - but it may not work

    2.) Stick with patches you mention in your post. You can always install other patches if an issues addressed by them pops up

    3.) The IC-409 does not need to have any switches set for USB thumb drive system software install method

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    Great info thanks.

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