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Thread: Toshiba Fiery and Mac 10.9

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    Default Toshiba Fiery and Mac 10.9

    One of my customer got a Toshiba e-5540Pro with Fiery E-EX rip installed yesterday and when i was looking for a driver i couldnīt find any for Mac Os 10.9. So i checked the forums and almost everybody else like Canon, Xerox and Konica did have a driver that supported 10.9.
    So my question is, how far away is this driver?


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    Has there been any updates on this?

    I have users on Mavericks that are not able to use our eStudio 5540. I also have users that are waiting to upgrade but we are holding off since at this point they will not be able to print.

    Any updates on EFI's end would be greatly appreciated.

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    When a new OS such as Maverick is launched, EFI and the OEM Partner (in this case Toshiba) review which products the OEM wants EFI to develop new drivers for.

    EFI recently released Maverick drivers for all the products that the OEM partners requested. You will need to escalate this request to Toshiba, as the final decision is that of the OEM partner.


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