I'm having a problem with some PDF files not getting finished processing when APPE is enabled and I'm assigning a "workflow" on an IC306v3 (SP1).

The job processes fine until it reaches the last page. Then the CPU usage on the Fiery drops to nearly 0% and nothing happens anymore. CWS still tells me that the server is processing the last page.

This only happens when doing the following:

- import job using CWS and applying a workflow
- right-clicking a job insinde CWS and applying a workflow
- import using a Hotfolder which is based on a workflow

It does not happen if I do:

- import job using CWS without selecting a workflow
- open job properties and select a workflow (called "preset" in this section)
- import using a Hotfolder with user defined settings

Basically, the problem can be tracked down to the point that the combination of "workflow" and "APPE" (either enabled by server default or "per-job") is pushing the Fiery to a "deadlock" during processing.

CWS and Hotfolder application are the latest currently available ones.