Hi everyone. I just switched from Creo to Fiery cws 5.5. Ever since I made the switch I keep running into serious banding and transparency issues. In fact almost all of the projects brought to my shop since the transition have had some degree of issue. It's getting to be a serious problem. I've been printing digitally now on my xerox 700 for three years and have never had so many messed up gradients or transparency boxes. Whats most frustrating is in many of the cases the customer was able to give me the source file and everything looks fine. Has any one else run into this? Any advice or good places to look for info? Anything would be appreciated.
The gradients are often broken into multiple (two to be specific) gradients. Usually the break in gradient is perpendicular to the flow of the gradient. So in other words if the gradient was moving horizontal it would be broken in to two gradients staked on another.
As for the transparency issue it seems to occur anytime any object is placed above another. It doesn't seem to matter if the image was made in Illustrator or Photoshop or if it is a Indesign file that contains outside art. It also doesn't seem to matter if the image is flattened or not.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shop has ground to a stand still trying to figure this out.