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    Default Hotfolders


    Is there anyway once you have dropped a file into a hotfolder that is will automatically begin processing?

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    Default Hotfolders

    Hi edwardthompson,
    When you setup a Hot Folder you have drop down selection labeled Job Action below you server selection. Inside this pull down you will see many options including a process and hold, Print or Print and Hold.


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    Default There is a preference

    In Hot Folders preferences you can configure the 'time interval to check for jobs', and it's set to 10 seconds as a default. You could shorten this time interval, but 10 seconds is usually enough time for files to finish copying or moving into the location. Screenshot below.

    Let us know if you meant something else.

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    Default Not pulling from hot folder, despite setting


    We are using the Fiery Hot Folder program (v3.3) and we had a Xerox rep setup our hot folder to automatically pull files we dropped in to the hold folder for our Xerox 700. our preferences screen has the same settings as the screen shot in the post above. It worked for a few days. However, the hot folder stopped automatically processing the files placed in it, they just sit there, and someone has to manually place them in the hold folder now.

    Our Xerox rep suggested we try downloading the latest update for Hot Folder in case a bug was fixed. I tried to download v3.5 a few times, but when I try to open each download, it says there is a corrupt file, that it can't be used. Is that happening during the download or is that an issue with the update itself?

    OS: Windows 7
    Command workstation:
    Hot Folders:

    Thanks, Matt.
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    Default Hot Folders no longer working...

    If the hot folder was working fine previously, it MAY be the same issue I had in the past with my hot folders no longer processing and placing jobs into the CWS, but rather just holding them in the internal folders.
    This thread may help:

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