I'm new here. We've had a C353 with stapling finisher for 5yrs on lease. Just bought a C550 with low page count and same IC-409 fiery on both. However the C550 fiery is a bit flaky. Sometimes disappears off the printer touchscreen (the controller option).

On our C353 it says 2.7gb or thereabouts for system software and 60+ gb free space. The C550 says 25gb system software, only 2gb free with NO docs saved on the fiery. What the heck?

Have to send print jobs twice or they don't print.

Can't calibrate it. Comes up with "Error - 12" on the touchscreen when scanning colarcal printout with the Kodak card. Colorcal thru CWS5 (recent download and install) comes up with two other errors, basically can't communicate.

My KM tech guy says nobody there has the system software. These all shipped without discs! I have new 80gb sata HD's coming so I will clone both but the C353 has different system software than the C550 even though both are exactly the same IC-409 hardware.

I know there are system software discs but there's also a procedure to use a USB stick for a reload. If anyone has a suggestion on either front that'd be most helpful.

Wanna get the C550 up and running and calibrated.... and return the C353 to it's maker.

Thank you.