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Thread: Unable to update fiery IC 413 using proxy

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    Default Unable to update fiery IC 413 using proxy

    I have Fiery IC 413 with my Konica Minolta C6000. Internet connection in my network is shared through proxy. I gave the right settings. Fiery is listing all the updates and when i update it is giving the following error.

    "Service Error during installation. Error connecting to server. Please check internet connection and /or Proxy settings. Error no. 10"

    kindly help. i am loosing a lot of my prints because i am unable to install an update '1-1A2SSM'. kindly help.



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    This was an issue previously reported to EFI and was fixed with patch 1-1D1ZJ3.

    Since you are seeing this issue, please contact your KM dealer and request they manually install 1-1D1ZJ3

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    I am having the same problem and have updated with 1-1D1ZJ3. and would still not update

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    Default Re: Unable to update fiery IC 413 using proxy

    I believe the aforementioned patch is to do with EXCLUSIVE updates.

    The patch that may assist you further is the SYSTEM UPDATE PATCH, which is 1-1JECSD.

    Have a wee look at this and see how you get on.

    Again, this should be available from KM (or KM dealer).

    Good luck, let me know if that sorts it for you!

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