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Thread: Newbie - simple question.

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    Default Newbie - simple question.

    I have a KM Bizhub C280 and have just installed a Fiery IC-412, I can print no problem by creating PDF in my PDF creator software or PDF print driver from any of my various programs and then importing it into Command Workstation, I'm using Printshop Mail, Photoshop and MS Word most of all. Might seem a really simple question to all you experienced users but I'm used to the FILE PRINT way of working, how do I a) install a print driver so that I can FILE and PRINT to the Fiery ? and b) is there a simple how to get the best from your Fiery Controller FAQ or Dummies Guide I can read ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For starters, go to

    You will see list of links there for documentation sets for all KM Fiery models. Click on each of the top two links (E10 50-45C-KM..... ) and download all PDF docs you see there in language you prefer. You will then have complete doc set for your IC-412.

    As far as File/Printing from your Mac or PC, configuration-wise, it is just like setting up printing to any other printer.

    Refer to the Printing Guide (downloaded per above) and Windows or Mac's online help on how to configure a printer in those OS's.

    For more in-depth Fiery knowledge:
    Here you will find the How-To Guides for all the Fiery system versions.

    Another great resource for info is:

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