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Thread: Device Link: Konica C6501 to Konica C8000

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    Default Device Link: Konica C6501 to Konica C8000

    I am trying to bring some work over from my Konica C6501 to my new Konica bizhub PRESS C8000. My customer has approved the proof from the C6501, so I need to take that profile and link it to the C8000.

    I've tried it through both "Match two printers" and also creating a device link. My trouble is that the document has a blue background that slowly fades to white in the middle. The C8000 output has too much purple in it. I can't seem to hit the blue that I want.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I can provide more info if needed.

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    Default RE: Konica C6501 to Konica C8000

    First question: is the source file CMYK, RGB, or mixed?

    Next, when you did match 2 printers you first made a custom profile for the 8000 and then used the profile from the 6501 that you used to print the job before?

    If you need steps on best practices for making a profile see where there are read0me files for system 10 and newer Fiery as well as 9R2 and older versions.

    If you have followed these steps then there is another approach we could take, but we need to know what the colors in the file are before I want to explain that approach.

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    The source file is from the C6501 and is CMYK.

    When I matched the two printers, yes, I created a custom profile with the C8000 and then used the C6501 profile that was printing the color we need.

    Thanks for the link to the help docs.

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