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Thread: CWS not remembering correct ip address of controller

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    Default CWS not remembering correct ip address of controller

    Anybody solve (or even see) the issue of the command workstation not remembering the ip address of the controller if it had been changed after the first connection? The Fiery was powered up and grabbed a dhcp address, and the CWS won't forget it. Every time it is disconnected, the address in the disconnected window is the original dhcp address. E-41a, E-81, and now E-22b. This is the case with CWS 5.5 and before, Mac OS 10.6.8

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    So you mean under servers you delete the server and add a new one it still shows the old IP address?

    Maybe you could post a screen shot?

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    Does CWS still connect to the Fiery, after it's DHCP address has changed?
    At the time of connecting to a Fiery, if we find the IP address is unreachable, we then resolve the name to IP, so we should find your new Fiery's new IP address.

    Is it just that the disconnected window shows the older address? Or can it not connect at all?
    If it can't connect, can you find the fiery by clicking the plus icon to 'add new server'?

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