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Thread: Need help with VDP on the Fiery

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    Default Need help with VDP on the Fiery

    Through losing some co-workers I find myself in the spot of being the resident mailing "expert" and in fact knowing very little (particularly about Fiery) so I hope someone here can help me.

    We recently purchased AccuZIP6 to process our mailings. My boss wants me to print the addresses at the same time as the postcards with the Intelligent Mail Barcode included. Does anyone know how to do all this or if it can even be done?

    I would also like to know as a time saving measure if there is a way to run the job so that it prints in cut order rather than page order to cut down on hand sorting everything.

    Any help you can give would be great. I am supposed to have one mailing to the post office tomorrow.


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    Accuzip has a link at the following where they can connect to your maching and answer your questions regarding print postcards containing the barcodes in the correct sort order.

    To answer the question the Customer would to a File export in presort order. They would export the IMbarcode Alpha information and use a USPS4CB true type font in normally a 16 point to print the IMbarocode.

    They also have a option on the export screen to set up that export so the they have the correct stacks for printing and cutting those cards.

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    What Fiery/printer do you have?

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