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Thread: Feature Request: Ability to choose a Preset from Held or Printed queue

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    Lightbulb Feature Request: Ability to choose a Preset from Held or Printed queue

    It's nice that you've added the ability to change the name and quantity of a job in CWS 5.4 from the Held or Printed queues.

    I'd like to formally request adding the ability to also choose a preset. This would further reduce the number of times I need to open the properties.


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    Applying server presets in CWS 5.4 from the Job List is supported on Fiery print controllers with System 10 and later system software.

    "Applying server presets to a job is now even easier, with the new right-click Apply Preset
    menu, which lists all server presets alphabetically. You do not need to open Job Properties to
    apply a preset; it can be applied and tracked directly from the Job List."

    You may consider purchasing a new Fiery!


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    Default Request for shortcut options on next CWS

    I agree completely, i wrote this in another thread but had no response.

    I love the new CWS, but I have some tweaking requests.

    In the Device Center-Resources-Spot Colors area, I load up my paper profile for the spot colors by going to [Properties] box. Imputing my preferences here can be tedious, though I have shortened it by creating a preset of the job I am working on. I still have to go into properties to select a preset however and that takes extra time. so my two requests in this are:

    1. Have a drop down box to the right of the properties box in Spot Colors for presets to save time, and
    2. Have the CWS remember my last configuration or preset i used.

    When doing color matching i often return to spot colors some 10 - 20 times to tweak the color. This 'shortcut' would help out a lot.


    P.S. Is there a way to print a CWS color-bar that can be scanned using a spectroscope for color accuracy. I found quite a few online but none pertaining to digital. Such a development could be useful in tweaking the color more accurately. Just a thought. Thank you.

    P.P.S. There is a selectable column 'preset' in the main job window, but it doesn't do anything, could a drop-down box work here?

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