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Thread: Fiery Hot Folders on Networked Location

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    Default Fiery Hot Folders on Networked Location


    It has been reccomended to me that it would be better to place our hot folders on a network location rather than on the local rip, the problem is that when i try this i get an error message saying "Folder is not a valid path".

    All security settings etc, should be fine, so not sure whats going on, and not much of an error to go on.

    Have any of you had any experience of this / suggestions for making this work?

    kind regards

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    I agree 100% that the Hotfolder application and all hotfolders should reside in a location outside the Fiery itself. This is because the Fiery is much more likely to be reloaded, at which point you'd lose all the hotfolders.

    You need to share out those hotfolders so that anyone in your organization can place items in them. That's a function of the operating system. Locally, you should be able to put PDFs into them and they'll go to the specified Fiery. Is that's what's happening now?

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    Hi kriscorrie,

    We don't support making the hot folder destination folder a network folder, it must be resident on the local computer. We added this restriction for good reason - there are too many ways that our connection to the remote folder could fail, and that introduced a whole host of gnarly edge cases.

    However there is an easy way around your predicament - simply install the Hot Folders application itself on the Win or Mac computer you want to share the hot folders from. Then setup your hot folders as normal, and share out.

    Once it's all setup, I'd also recommend backing up your hot folders to a restore file, it's in the file menu in the Hot Folders application.


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