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Thread: Changing Firebird Default Password

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    Default Changing Firebird Default Password

    Hi ,
    I have a customer who,s company perform security network scans , on the latest scnas they have identified that the Firebird SYSDBA password is the default , for the Controller to stay on the network they require the password to be changed.

    Can this be done ? .

    Canon CLC5151 GX100

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    You would need a patch for that.

    Unfortunately, if that's a GX100, I'm pretty sure that product has been end-of-life for awhile.
    I think that would mean there probably wouldn't be any new patches made for that product.

    You may want to confirm this with your regional Canon Tech Support organization.

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    If you're tough you can try a fulltext search across every file in order to spot the string. Then just hex-edit that file and also change the password within the Firebird DB.

    But that sounds extremely "advanced"...
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