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Thread: Fiery JobFlow installation problems

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    Default Fiery JobFlow installation problems

    I have tried to install Fiery JobFlow on Windows 7 SP1 (32bit) and during the installation I have got the message, that the services haven't started and the installation wizzard has finished the installtion with the status "Installation finished. Fiery JobFlow could not started". No shortcut in the program group or on the desktop were created, so I didn't know how to start Fiery JobFlow. I have checked the services and found 2 services for Fiery JobFlow. When I have tried to start the service FlowJob, the servcie didn't start due to a problem with authentication. I have set a new passowrd for the new installed Fiery user and then I was able to start the service. The other service JobFlow data starts and stops immediately.
    I have tried to uninstall Fiery JobFlow and try a new installation, but when I start the new installation after the uninstalltion, the message comes up, that an older version is already installed and if I want to update to version If I say yes, the installation process is the same as described before and JobFlow didn't start after installation. Even when I uninstall all programs (Apache, FlowJob etc.) and clean the registry and delete the program folders, a new installation will infrom me, that an earlier version is installed and I am not able to configure or setup the install directory (watch folder etc.) anymore. Could anybody tell me. what's going wrong with the insallation and how I can get rid off the program from my windows 7 system?
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    Andreas, I am sorry to hear the installation of JobFlow did not go as expected. Please reach out to me at so I can put you in contact with support. I would like to find out why the installation did not finish on your configuration.

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