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Thread: "Fiery Print" Option not available from Applications? New MAC 10.8.4

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    Default "Fiery Print" Option not available from Applications? New MAC 10.8.4

    We have currently purchased some brand new MAC machines with Mountain Lion Version 10.8.4 installed. We loaded the latest version of the Command Workstation and we noticed that we can no longer see the "Fiery Print option" when printing from our applications? We had some older macs that we have just upgraded the OS and apparently with the older version of Command Workstation this option is still there? Any help is greatly appreciated. This is the only way that some folks know how to get there documents to print double sided. If there is some other way to print double sided using Fiery please advise.
    Thank You for your time.

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    Hi Sandra,

    In order to print to the Fiery from your applications on the new macs, you will need to install the Fiery print drivers, and add the Fiery as a printer. The printers will not be added by installing Command Workstation application (it is separate from the printer drivers).

    I suspect that on your older macs the Fiery print option is there because someone installed the drivers earlier.

    You haven't mentioned which Fiery model or print engine you have, so I'm not sure if it will have 10.8 compatible drivers available.

    We have all our drivers posted here -

    Here's an idea - if you'd like someone to just take care of it all for you, we do have a new Fiery Advantage support service. For $30/month you get a Fiery expert available to you at all times, they can talk you through the setup, or even remotely install and configure the drivers for you (with your express permission, of course).

    I hope this helps,


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