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Thread: Upgrade from Command Workstation 4

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    Default Upgrade from Command Workstation 4

    Hi there,

    We have command work station 4 and we would like to upgrade it to 5 but we have a lot of presets saved, will these transfer with the upgrade or is there a way to export/save them before we do the upgrade? I appologize if this has already been answered, I found lots on exporting presets from 5 but nothing about if they would stay if we upgraded.



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    It's been a long long time since I did this. If I remember correctly though, the only way to do this was to assign a preset to a job using CWS4 and then open that job in CWS and save a preset.

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    Default Backup Presets

    Officially speaking, the installer that upgrades CWS4 to 5 should retain your presets. However I would back them up first to be sure.

    There will be a single presets.xml file you can grab. See the attached technote, I think the paths in it should work for CWS4. Tech Note Backup Local Presets.pdf

    Let me know if you need more info,


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