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Thread: Workstation doesn't always open on start up

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    Default Workstation doesn't always open on start up

    I have my Mac set to open Command Work Station on start up but it doesn't always do so. When it doesn't I can't even manually open it. I have to turn my computer and OKI printer off and on to get it to open. Any suggestions?

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    OK there are quite a few things that could be occurring, I would recommend some troubleshooting to narrow it down.

    Either the problem is happening on your mac, or your printer. Next time it occurs, could you try just restarting your mac, not the printer?

    The fact that you can't even manually open Command Workstation is a concern - as even if the printer is down, Command Workstation *should* time-out the connection, and still open the application.

    I'm wondering if a network timeout issue is occurring. When the problem occurs next time, could you try printing to the Fiery? Or typing it's IP address into a web browser, and seeing if it's web page comes up?


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    This seems to be a problem with CWS 5.5 and Macs.

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