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    We have used the CWS VDP funtionality for several years without issue. Recently, we the VDP functionality has stopped working. When trying to create a master, we receive a job error "PS undefined error, offending command "get"". The master attempts to process from the held queue then fails, drops into the print queue and shows the error message.

    We are using CWS, Windows XP on most of our workstations (one has Windows 7), Acrobat X version 10.1.7 running on a Fiery bussed on the back of KM6501's. We have two machines and have lost functionality on both. We also have Enfocus PitStop Professional 7.03 installed.

    Konica techs have attempted to resolve the issue without success including reloading firmware, replacing a hard drive, changing server and printer settings, etc. I've updated Acrobat and CWS without resolving the issue.

    ANY suggestions would be appreciated as this is a serious productivity killer, not to mention I have software I paid for not functioning properly.


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