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Thread: IC-306: Half fold of single sheets?

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    You didn't say the model number of your folding finisher.

    How about this as a workaround (this would work with any finisher):

    (1) If your document is not already a PDF, distill or convert it to a PDF.

    (2a) In Acrobat, do an "Extract Pages" for all of the pages in the document.

    (2b) In the "Extract Pages" dialog, specify from Page 1 to Page Last (whatever that number is), and check "Extract Pages as Separate Files". You will end up with a separate PDF for each page in the original document.

    (3) Create a Hot Folder with your print settings, including folding settings.

    Note: If print order is important (i.e., if this is a postal-sorted mailing), AND you have the version 3 software on your IC-306, AND you have enabled the Sequential queue, then connect your Hot Folder to the Sequential queue. (Sub-note: I'm not sure if the Sequential queue preserves print order with Hot Folders.)

    (4) Drag-and-drop all the extracted PDFs into the Hot Folder. Voila: single-page folded output!

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    Thanks for all the valuable suggestions!

    Nice idea, haven't thought of this. But I guess, the VDP solution (implemented as a workflow or preset) seems to be more easier to explain for my colleagues;-)

    Interesting. Do you know if I could also be changed to 1 sheet? ;-)
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    GREAT idea Steve,

    Adam - You are only setting the limit that the finisher will error out.

    It sees your document as one continuous print stream. Variable data, like subset finishing sends the file as "mini files".

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