I have a customer with a KM C6000 using an IC413. They would like to have users send jobs directly to user boxes on the machine for the user to release the print job when they are in front of the device, but the driver for this Fiery does not allow this operation.

As a fall back position we are setting up user access on the Fiery itself so that the user can print a job, send it to their user box on the Fiery and then access that job to release it when they are at the machine (unfortunately via web browser and not the operator panel). An issue with this is that it appears that the job must either print, or process and hold on the Fiery in order for the user storage request to be processed and acted on. Which means that either the job has to print, defeating the purpose of the job hold for the user to release, or process and hold which places a copy of the job in the user folder, in which case the jobs will just build up in the hold queue until someone manually connects via CWS and mass deletes those jobs.

Given that the normal process will be to use a web browser to manage user boxes rather than CWS to manage queues, I'd really like to avoid having the customer perform manual cleanup of the hold queue if possible. Is there another means by which jobs can be directed into the Fiery user folders? Or is there a way to have the hold queue maintenance be automated?