Have a client that uses a combination of Windows and Mac computers. Windows users have no performance problems when sending to the Fiery controller on the Toshiba eStudio 4540c. Toshiba is hard wired to the network and many of the users both Windows and Mac are wireless.
  • Using the latest Toshiba Fiery drivers for the Mac and latest OSX updates (10.8.x) produces mixed results with Power Point and Adobe documents.
  • The speed to print one page can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes for that same page
  • Connecting a MacBook Pro with a cross-over cable directly to the fiery controller produces the same problem.
  • Replaced the fiery controller with a spare at the client site, same problem.
  • Customers Fiery controller installed on another Toshiba in our showroom has no problem with performance.
  • Removing the fiery from the mix and printing directly to the Toshiba internal NIC produces no issues.
  • Spooling to the fiery was painfully slow when the problem occurs, you can watch the percentage slowly tick up to 100%. Other times it is almost instant.
Question: Anybody experienced problems with Macs printing to a fiery controller with intermittent slow performance?

Thank you.