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Thread: New B2 RIP doesn't like transparencies?

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    Default New B2 RIP doesn't like transparencies?

    We've had a new Canon C5235i printer with an Imagepass B2 Fiery RIP attached. This is running Fiery software 10e according to Command Workstation.
    All prints o.k. for the most part with the Canon / Fiery print driver, using the latest from the web site (v1.01) under Mountain Lion 10.8 except for a major issue with printing transparencies within InDesign CS5.
    So hard to really narrow down the full problem, but essentially if we apply a transparency effect to an image sitting on top of another image we get a really obvious block of colour on the print out. This block doesn't really match the size of the picture box which is weird, but I can't seem to do anything that removes it.
    There don't seem to be any patches for the B2 Rip.
    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Fortunately, this is usually not caused by a bug on the Fiery side.

    There are some ways to address this on the Fiery side but ideally, you should look at how the transparency is being created - such as - Is it a transparency over a spot color or Is it a transparency on top of a photographic image or raster image over a vector (line art) image? Try changing the transparency flattening settings in InDesign.

    To address it on the Fiery side - Try using composite overprint in the driver under the color settings and see if that resolves it.

    Or - A more 'brute-force" approach would be to send the job as separations (not "In-RIP separations) and use the "Combine Separations" setting under color settings in the Fiery driver.

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    Default Looks to be fixed

    Composite Overprint looks to be the way forward. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks shmegenke

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